Supplier of medical grade chin rests.

Chin Rest

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This high quality chin rest is frequently used in medical, visual field and other medical or ophthalmic applications.


When To Use


Intended for visual field related training. Light weight, small, and easily transported the chin rest is suitable to be used in the community at client's homes, in therapy rooms or offices. Many of our chin rests are also used in medical trials, photography and studies that require the support of the head.

How To Use


When required, simply fixes to the edge of any table with the screw clamp.
The total height and the forehead support can be modified in seconds to suit the user. There is a comfortable notched support for the chin.
The head band can be detached if necessary.

How To Clean

Wipe down with antibacterial cloth / spray to disinfect







Desk to Chin:

Chin to Midpoint Forehead Rest:

Total Height Table to Forehead:

Max table thickness for clamp:

White enamel alloy


Min 265mm to Max 375mm

Min 30mm to Max 165mm

Min 295mm to Max 540mm




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How To Buy


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Special Requests


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